Grizzlies Parent

I would highly recommend the Addison Grizzlies hockey club to any family looking to ensure their young hockey player grows and develops both on the ice and off. The coaching staff is top notch and really connects with young kids and it starts with Coach Scott Maeder. Coach Scott really has a unique ability to connect with the kids and get the most out of the kids in practice and games. When we came to the Grizzlies from another club, Coach Scott and the Grizzlies families immediately made us feel at home and welcomed us to the club. We could not have been happier with our decision to join the Grizzlies and feel our son’s skills have truly improved beyond our expectations including his love and passion for hockey. This would not have been possible without our choice to join the Grizzlies.

Grizzlies Parent

If anyone is seriously questioning whether or not to join the Grizzlies…. I am completely floored. Please have them contact me personally and I will be happy to share how things work at other mite clubs where you pay more money, NEVER (yes, never) have a full ice practice and no power skates or off-ice training. Also, no time spent at outdoor rinks running dryland drills. Most importantly your kid is being coached by the best coaching staff around at a club that cares about the name and number on the back of our kids jersey vs the name and number on our checks…., that is a fact. I just want you to know that I am very thankful that we had the opportunity to come to the Grizzlies. I have seen my son really come far since the spring and have had numerous people I respect in the hockey world tell me he is one of the most improved players they have seen. That is a testament to Scott and the environment he is in with the Grizzlies without question. We are very very appreciative. P.S. you guys really should charge more next year. it is worth every penny!!!

Grizzlies parent

Just wanted to thank you guys for your time that you spent with our boys. You guys did a great job. We’ve been in mite hockey for over 3 years now with 3 different clubs and out of the 3 you guys did the best job. This was the first club that we’ve came across that puts the kids and hockey above the financials. Your guys’ time, knowledge, and coaching skills is very much appreciated. The boys had fun, learned a lot, and were given lots of opportunities to do what they love and that is the most important thing. Thank you.

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