Google Calendar Subscription Instructions

Steps to set up your Google Calendar to sync your teams schedule.

This method works great and once completed will carry across all your devices. Doing it through your phone will not give the features this method will.

Start out by logging into Google through your web browser (preferably Chrome and going to the calendar page. Once at the calendar page you will see a gear in the top right. Click the gear and go to settings.

Once you go to settings you will get a bunch of things you can change with tabs at the top. You want to click the tab called Calendars.

That will take you to a page of all your calendars you use regularly. In the lower section called Other Calendars on the right side you will see a link called Browse Interesting Calendars. Click that link.

On the top right of that page you will see a section called More tools. In that section you will find a link called Add by URL. If you click on that link you will get a popup. You want to paste the link from your team calendar into the box that says URL. Also click the Make the calendar publicly accessible checkbox. Click Add calendar.

Please select the correct link for your team below.

View Grizzlies 08 Black Calendar

View Grizzlies 09 Red Calendar

View Grizzlies 08 White Calendar

View CBML Calendar

Once the link is added you will be back at the page with your calendars. You will now see your team calendar listed. Make sure you have a check mark in the box “Show in list”.

Now is when the added functionality of doing it this way comes in. In this same area click on “Edit Notifications” You will get a menu with 5 different notification types. You can send the notifications via text or email. It is a great idea to set up the first 3 to alert you. This way of an event changes time, gets canceled or a new event is added you will get notified. Save this when you have it the way you want it and your all set!