• Why would I want to move my child to the Grizzlies?

    The Grizzlies hockey club is uniquely focused on skating development. We find that when we play against other clubs, our kids tend to have the best foundation of skating skills. This translates into great success and growth at the mite level and beyond.
  • We are already skating at a different club and we were told we cannot skate elsewhere because we started at our present club.

    You have the choice to skate and play anywhere you choose. No governing body, club or director can make the choice for you. It is solely up to you and your child.
  • Addison Ice Arena is a bit far from our home and I’m not sure we should be driving that far for hockey

    You wouldn’t be the first to think of this! Actually, the Grizzlies have families driving from as far away as the far south suburbs (New Lenox), far west suburbs (Yorkville) and Northwest Indiana to skate as a Grizzlie. Our families have found that the experience to be a Grizzlie, the superior quality teammates, and the skills that are gained far outweighs the sacrifice of driving the extra distance.
  • How much of a time commitment is the AGML?

    Three hours per week. There is no travel involved. All skating takes place at Addison Ice Arena.
  • How much of a time commitment is house league vs. travel hockey, and what are the key differences between house and travel?

    House league is typically between 2-4 hours per week of on-ice practices and/or games. Travel teams have between 3-5 hours per week of on-ice practice and/or games, plus 1-2 hours per week of off-ice instruction. The travel can range from the local Chicagoland suburbs for basic travel teams, plus Michigan/Minnesota for intermediate travel teams, plus Canada and the east coast for top tier travel teams.
  • What do the Grizzlies offer that is different than other clubs?

    The Grizzlies have a unique focus on developing the foundational skills and educating skaters to become smart players; not just hard working players. We are fortunate to have some of the best coaches in the entire Chicagoland area. These coaches have combined experience that ranges from the youngest mite level, to high school, to juniors and also at the professional level. We also offer additional skating time to help our developing skaters grow at a faster rate, with individualized instruction in a low ratio of coach to skaters. We don’t believe in having the biggest program, just the best.
  • We’re new to the sport of hockey, what are we in for?

    Lots of fun and great friends! Hockey is the greatest sport on the planet! (Ok, we’re a bit biased). Hockey is a sport that is a lifestyle, not just a method to pass the time. You’ll experience great and rewarding enjoyment watching your child grow and develop in this game. Keep in mind that for the beginning skater, they are learning an entirely new form of locomotion. This takes time, patience, and consistent practice on a regular schedule. We have programs designed for various levels of time commitments as we realize each family may choose a different path.
  • Is your mite hockey program affiliated with any other entities?

    The Grizzlies are affiliated with the Chicago Bruins. The Bruins also skate out of Addison Ice Arena and the Grizzlies are proud to be strong partners of the Bruins. We are one club with two name.
  • Why do the Grizzlies skate within the AAU instead of USA Hockey?

    It was a better fit for the Grizzlies principles of being able to offer the product that our membership desired.
  • What is the ratio of coaches/instructor to kids?

    This varies based on need and the level of the players. Generally we try to keep it to a ratio of 6:1
  • We need to purchase hockey equipment and have no idea what we’re doing. Can you help us?

    We would be happy to get you acquainted with the nitty gritty. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best. If you aren’t sure what you’ll need, check out this: http://newtohockey.com/hockey-equipment-buying-guide-for-kids/
  • We aren’t quite sure what path is best for our child, are you able to give us an idea of what our options are?

    There are many options available. It depends mostly on the child’s level of interest and skills. This also depends on the parents too. The simple route is to start with a learn to skate program, and then to progress to a learn to play program where your child will begin to learn the skills of hockey. From there, next step is playing on a team with a regular schedule of games in a league. Feel free to ask because this isn’t an exact science. There are many ways to get to the same point.